Who will win the title of the Holiest Hotwings in Memphis!!!!!

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This is an exciting opportunity for all “Wing Teams” to get in on this competition in its early stages while spaces are available and entry fees are low. Be the first to compete and have a chance of winning the title of the “HOLIEST HOT WINGS” in Memphis.

Spaces are available on a first come, first serve basis. Sign up today!

Before your team applies to be a part of this event, we strongly encourage you to review all of the rules and guidelines that you and your team will be responsible for adhering to prior to and during the event. Once you have reviewed any and all rules and guidelines, asked us any questions (if applicable), you may then proceed to submit your application.

Booth Space Information
Space Cost
10×15 $150 –
This is required per team and must be paid in full by the entry deadline of Sept 20, 2018. Individual booth electricity is not provided.

Life happens and things change. We understand that. We do kindly ask that you please notify us in advance (within one week / 7 days) of the event or at your earliest convenience so that we can release your space to another team as needed.

Official Rules and Regulations
For the cooking portion of this contest, the judges will follow the Kansas City BBQ Society (“KCBS”) regulations and guidelines. All contestants will be evaluated through a blind judging process which shall be administered by independent representative(s). This guarantees impartiality and fairness to all of our cooking teams vying for top honors at our event. The event organizers for Wings of Jubilee have absolutely no input in the official judging process. The rulings of the judges are final.

Official Rules and Regulations


When applying to participate, you will be required to indicate that you have reviewed and acknowledged all of the rules and guidelines that have been outlined herein. Your application constitutes acceptance of these rules and your intent to adhere to them while participating in this KCBS sanctioned cooking contest.

Awards and Prizes
In addition to bragging rights, we will award a trophy to the top 3 scoring teams and prize money to our top team as determined by our WOJ judges.

Got A Question?
If you need help with something that has not already been answered below, please feel free to contact Angela Fox.

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